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Forgotten Items & Lost and Found

Forgotten Items

It is important that parents help students pack their backpack the night before to reduce the need to rush in the morning and to help students remember everything they need. However, we understand that elemnetary school students sometimes forget items.  Here is our policy for forgotten items.

  1. Essential items (i.e. device, homework, binder, etc.) can be dropped off in the main office for the student. They must be labeled with the student's name. We will not interrupt instructional time to call students out of class to come get items.  The item will be delivered to the classroom at recess or lunch time to minimize interruptions to the instructional program..

  2. Items left in the main office for more than two days will be moved to the lost and found area.

  3. NO FOOD - we do not allow any outside food deliveries (e.g. fast food) for students. All students eat for free at Meyler.

  4. Emergency items (such as medication or glasses) must be dropped off with the nurse.


1.  Please label all of your child's items with their first and last name (teacher name or room #, if space allows)

2.  All items that are left unattended around campus will be placed in the lost and found (e.g. sweatshirts, hats, lunch boxes, etc.)

3.  Students have daily access to the lost and found station on the playground yard during all recess periods.

3.  All items placed in the lost and found will be available for your convenience on the last Friday of each month in front of the auditorium doors.  

4.  Items not picked-up at the end of the month will be donated local charities to help families in need.