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School Dress Code


The Student Dress Code Policy was developed to help ensure the safety of all students.  The policy is reviewed annually or as needed to reflect the changing nature and safety needs of the school.  The purpose of the Dress Code is to emphasize that school is a place of learning and educating young people. 


All clothing should be neat, clean, and properly fitted.  If a student is dressed inappropriately, his/her parent will be contacted and the student will be asked to change immediately.  Parent Conferences will be requested for students who persist in violating the dress code.

1.    The required top is an appropriate size shirt with sleeves. 

2.    See-through shirts and bare-midriff tops are not permitted.  Tops must be long enough that when hands are raised the midriff area is covered. 

3.    Spaghetti strap, strapless, off-the-shoulder, racer-back, or low-cut tops are not allowed.

5.    The bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts, or jumpers) are to be of appropriate size.

6.    Oversized shirts and baggy pants are NOT permitted.  Pants are considered baggy if they fall off without a belt while walking.  Shirts are  considered oversized if they are below the waist line. Undergarments MUST NOT be visible.  All pants and shorts must be hemmed and worn at the waist, not the hips. 

7.    Extremely short skirts, skorts, and shorts are not permitted. Skirt, skort and short lengths must be within the area from the fingertips to the knee or longer.

8.  Students may wear belts of appropriate size. Belt buckles should be plain (no initials, names, or inappropriate markings). Wallet chain, pyramid or spike wristbands and collars are not permitted.

9.  Coats, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts or any outer garments must be of appropriate size. Hoods may not be worn on campus unless worn outside in the rain.

10. Hats or beanie caps may not be worn inside of school buildings. Beanie caps may be worn at temperatures of 55 degrees or lower only, and must also be solid white, solid red, or solid black.  Scarves, bandanas and any other type of head coverings are prohibited, unless religious in nature.

11. Shoes must be closed-toe.  High heels, high wedged, open heel, slippers, sandals/slides, and open-toe shoes are not permitted.

12. Any items that suggest gang or crew affiliation are not permitted.

13. Clothing, jewelry, buttons or any items that suggest identification with or promotion of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products are not permitted. Clothing or items with lewd, vulgar, profane, violent, sexually suggestive statements or pictures, or anything with racial slurs are not permitted.

14. Body piercing jewelry may not be worn on any part of the body except for the ears. No plugs.

15. No unnecessary tagging or writing on clothing, backpacks, notebooks, student planner, etc. If unnecessary tagging or writing is found on these items, they will be confiscated.

16. No sunglasses unless prescribed by a physician.

17. No pajamas or blankets may be worn.

Students who are inappropriately dressed, with problems that are unable to be resolved by the classroom teacher, may be sent to the Main Office. 

  • On the first offense, the child will be given a warning and permitted to change into school-appropriate attire. 

  • Inappropriate attire may be picked up by the student after school for the first infraction in the Main Office; subsequent infractions will require the parent or guardian to pick up the item(s). 

  • Parents of students whose attire is unable to be brought into compliance by the Main Office staff will be asked to bring any necessary clothing to their children. 

Failure to comply with the Student Dress Code will result in disciplinary action.